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[Fic] Just a Job - Chapter 25 part 2

Shun grabbed Jin‘s hair again, with more force this time just to get some sort of payback.
“I‘m sure you know how to swallow,“ Shun teased Jin, glaring at him.

Jin closed his eyes, body trembling when he obeyed this time. Defeated he sunk to the floor, feeling powerless, beaten and like a traitor.
He gasped at the bitter taste of the pills sliding down his throat.

Jin couldn‘t count but it was probably two or three that would knock him out sometime soon.

Shun turned around, looking proudly at Kamenashi and Narimiya. He had done a good job.

“J-jin, please don’t…” Kame was whispering. He was lying slightly on the side with one arm stretched into Jin’s direction watching with terror how the other swallowed the drugs.

“…spit t-them out idiot!” His eyes filled with tears when his shaking hand formed fists unable to do anything for his lover. Hands resemble a man’s soul. The unspoken words.

Ryo was groaning with frustration. He knew how long it had taken Jin to get clean and now all of them had to watch that effort go to waste.

Narimiya laughed joyfully when he gestured at Kame with one hand.
“Here you go Shun, claim your prize.”
Shun kneeled down lifting Jin’s chin for a last time,
“I’ll fuck him into unconsciousness,” he promised in a deep, cruel voice.

Victoriously he paced over to the trembling body across from him. Getting excited by the mere thought of what would follow.

“S-stay away f-from me!” Kame tried to crawl away but he didn’t have enough power to fight off Shun’s strong hands that were forcefully grabbing his wrists.

Ryo couldn’t bear watching anymore. His one friend being drugged and his first love being raped in front of his eyes? He would rather die than witness that.

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD! I‘LL KILL YOU!“ Jin shouted, heaving his body up. With the struggle, the drugs started showing it‘s effect, making Jin‘s muscles give in and his body sway and fall back to the floor.

Jin rolled over with a groan, eyes losing focus when his mind slipped away. “Kill…going to…“ Jin whimpered, eyes searching for Kame through the daze.

Narimiya chuckled at the sight. He was enjoying Jin‘s helpless state more than anything right now, finally being in the position to win over Jin and enjoy the show on top of that.

Shun turned the weak Kame on his back one finger trailing over the wet body. With a knife Shun ripped open the white shirt revealing the other’s milky skin.
“What a beautiful body you have.” Shun was almost drooling sending a satisfied look over to Jin.

Ryo who had waited for the moment when all the attention would lie on Jin and the guard hovering over him to lose focus was grabbing for the gun, rolled around and pulled the trigger without thinking of the consequences even once. A shot echoed through the hall causing all people inside to jerk back in shock.

Red drops of blood sprinkled all over Kame’s chest when Shun’s body fell lifelessly to the ground next to him. Clear head shot. Ryo took a deep breath eyes filled with hate and coldness.

“No one is laying a finger on Kame without suffering the consequences. Rest in peace mother fucker!” he groaned but before he could use the gun on Narimiya he was hit over the head. With a clashing sound, the gun shattered to the floor. Ryo was curling up blood that was running over his forehead but he bit back any sound. One down.

“R-ryo!” Kame’s heart was hurting. Seeing the two people he probably loved most in this crucial word being tortured in front of his eyes was like being ripped to pieces very slowly.

“Haha, take that motherfucker!“ Jin chuckled in his state, enjoying the death of the dealer a bit too much.
But Jin had lost ground to act rationally.
“Love you for that one, Ryo-chan.“
The satisfaction that none would touch his lover without losing his life was soothing his soul.

Narimiya looked shocked from Ryo to Shun‘s corpse and back. “How dare you!?!“

Ryo formed a peace sign and held it up for Jin to see. The satisfaction of having at least one of the mother fuckers shot filled his chest with pride.
“One down - only a few more to go,” he mumbled to himself.

Kamenashi Senior rose to his feet, anger was written all over his face.,
“You, you and you!” - he pointed at Ryo, Jin and Kame furiously.

“I have had enough! It’s time to put this circus performance to an end!” Moving forwards he pushed Shun’s corpse away from Kame in disgust.

“Get that body out before it starts to smell. He served his purpose.” Eyeing his ‘son’ next, he chuckled and exchanged knowing looks with Narimiya.
“Let’s show them a real horror show without a happy ending.”

Narimiya smirked at his boss, shooting a look at Jin on the floor while pulling his own gun out.

“I agree. I‘m so eager to forever get rid of those bastards.“

Suddenly loud noises were coming from the entrance area, indicating that others were forcefully getting into the building.

Jin chuckled, knowing very well what that meant.

“Fuck, those brats must have had back-up,“ Narimiya hissed to his boss.

Getting into the need to act fast, Narimiya raised his gun and aimed.

Jin‘s face fell, his face losing all color. “NOOO!“
The gun aimed at his boyfriend’s head and Jin pulled his body up to grab for a gun of a guard close to him but his uncoordinated, swaying movements were too slow.

Narimiya pulled the trigger.

“Because I am a fool
The only thing I think about is you
But I know that you are thinking about somebody else
And you probably don’t even know my heart
I probably don’t exist in your daily life
And I’m sure you have no memories of me
But for me, I spend my days thinking about you And create my own memories
For me Love is a beautiful scar
Even when I see your beautiful smile
I cannot smile without you…”

If a person dies, he or she is going to heaven. At least that’s what everyone says. Most of the people in this world die because of their age or a disease. It’s their time to leave this life and let go of their pain. They are ready.

However, some people die against there will because of a disease that can’t be cured or…in the place of someone else they can’t let go. Fearlessly they protect that special someone who had always owned their heart. Without hesitation. Without regret. Without fear they tread the path which was fated to be someone else’s. Some say those people are insane or foolish but others say…”They are guardian angels.”
Even if they die…they will always keep watching over you. Forever.

South Korea. In an old warehouse outside of Seoul. The heavy rain had become even stronger. Raindrops as big as grapes hit the roof. A loud drum-like sound that shook the inside with it’s echo.
Inside, it felt like time had stopped. No sound. No screaming. Only the sound of the rain…and a body falling to the ground. Silence again.

Unbelievingly Kame was lifting his hands. They were shaking continuously as if they were possessed by an evil spirit. And their color. Deep red. Why were his fingers so red or those red spots all over his shirt? More importantly…why was his heart racing so fast? Why was it still beating. Narimiya had pulled the trigger. Shot him. He was supposed to be dead! Then why could he still see, smell and hear everything surrounding him?

Hesitantly with empty eyes, he finally looked down to his lap. Someone was lying there. He could see short black hair and blood. A lot of blood.

“…R-ryo?” he asked in a silent raspy voice. One hand shaking with fear entangled in the soft hair. Slowly. Gently to not hurt the other. However, Ryo wasn’t replying but only slightly turning his head to force a brave smile onto his lips.

“…no…why?” Tears formed in Kame’s eyes when his brain slowly caught up with what had happened. Ryo fought off the guards, jumped and…was shot in his place. The person in his arms was slowly slipping away.

Ryo could taste a salty liquid falling down on his face and he forced one of his weak hands to brush over Kame’s cheek where tears had formed a thin stream.

“Y-you know why. Y-you always knew.” Ryo’s voice was a mere whisper but he kept smiling at Kame.
With a trembling body Kame closed his arms around his best friend when his sobbing became louder.

Kamenashi Senior was laughing and shaking his head. “What a foolish boy. Dumb. Useless.” He spotted BoA and other men bursting into the hall and turned around to gesture his guards to run for it.

Narimiya smirked at Ryo’s dying form but decided to get out of there himself.

Jin stared at the scene in front of him, paralyzed.

For a moment he thought the most precious person in his life would be taken away from him.

His body was shaking with tension and the inner fight with his emotions.

The outcome wasn‘t much better and his mind just couldn‘t grasp what was actually happening.

There was blood everywhere and Jin could just stare at his boyfriend and the guy in his arms.

In the corner of his mind registered movements through a thick fog and instinctively Jin grabbed for the gun of a fleeing gangster.

Without being able to aim, Jin shot. Narimiya would die. Now!

Instead of Narimiya though, bullets crossed the hall, one hitting Kamenashi Senior‘s leg.

Red sprinkled over the white coat. Narimiya looked at his boss but immediately decided to make a run for it.

Jin grunted, leaning on one arm while slightly swaying, trying to aim again.
Narimiya kept running while Jin‘s bullets hit anywhere but where they were supposed to.

“Jin! Kame! Ryo…“ BoA‘s voice died when she came running, a horde of armed people behind her. “Oh my god.“
She reacted fast and professional though, sending some to secure Kamenashi Senior who was groaning on the floor, shouting for medics, next.

By now, Jin had given up on shooting, crawling over the floor to approach Kame, trying to get his attention with a desperate voice. “Kazu-chan? Kazuya, are you alright? Gosh Ryo, is it bad? You’re gonna be alright, hang in there, you‘ll be ok. Medics will come. You‘re not badly hurt, are you? Just a scratch., You‘ll be alright, right~?“ Jin babbled, not really knowing what he was saying.

Kame was unable to form words. His tears were blurring his view and even when Jin arrived, he only gave his boyfriend a devastated look over the shoulder before his attention returned to Ryo.

Ryo coughed up blood spitting it onto the floor before his eyes searched for Jin’s. He was so tired and his body felt so heavy. The shot wound had hit him barely over the heart, there wasn’t much time left for him in this world. Ryo knew.

“J-jin.” He audibly inhaled air grimacing at the pain simple breathing gave him. Seeing how everyone was clinging on to him filled his heart with warmth. However, it was his time to go now that he had served his purpose.

“Jin, promise me to t-take care of him.” Ryo’s fist ghostly hit Jin’s knee, “…p-protect him, treasure him and never make him cry.”

Kame leaned down shaking his head in denial inhaling the familiar scent, “D-don’t leave me…R-ryo…you can’t just disappear. You’ll be alright…you’ll be f-” Kame was unable to finish his sentence since a finger was placed on his trembling lips.

“Shss…” A thin blood line ran down Ryo’s lips, “Y-you aren’t alone anymore Kazu. T-take care…I’ll be watching y-you from the s-sky. Always.”

“What are you talking about, idiot.“ Jin stared blankly at Ryo. “Tomorrow you‘ll piss me off again.“
Gun still in his hand, he looked around. It was now or never and Narimiya would be gone.
He leaned in to squeeze Ryo‘s arm. “BoA is here. You‘re safe. I‘ll be right back, ok? Don‘t go anywhere.“

Jin stumbled to his feet to go after Narimiya.

BoA looked dumbfounded from one to the other. She didn‘t know what was going on between those three but the worry was evident on her face.

Ryo smiled after the retreating man, “K-kill him Jin and then…come back safely…my f-friend.” Ryo breathed before he closed his eyes since he didn’t have enough strength left to leave them open.

“Kazu…” he whispered, well aware that Kame was still crying, tightening the grip as if that movement could save him, “I really l-loved you. Y-you have to be happy. Can you p-promise me that?”

Kame straightened up with his eyes being tainted in red from all the crying. Keeping up the denial he shook his head, “Don’t say such things, you won’t die…you can’t…you promised to always to be by my side…Ryo!” He released a silent scream looking over to BoA and her crew shouting in despair,
“FUCK! Get the ambulance here already!!! HURRY!”

“Kazu…it’s t-too late.” Ryo used the last of his power to squeeze Kame’s hand to make him come to his senses, “…I’ll be t-there, watching you…forever.” Breathing became more and more difficult. Ryo could feel how life was being sucked out of him like a sandglass that ran out of sand. Time would stop for him, “D-do me o-one more favor and t-tell Uchi that…I-I…m-might…have…fallen…” Ryo’s words became more silent…his smile softer when he drifted off into a deep dreamless sleep.

“Everyone is searching for a place
That can heal their sadness and loneliness
So... for you, that place is here
Don't be afraid, don't hesitate anymore, because I'll protect you…”


With both hands around the gun, Jin pushed through the door. He found himself in a dark machine room, leading through pipes and other engines.
Cold sweat was glistering on Jin‘s skin and he was far away from feeling good. His vision was blurry and his body was trembling, he needed too much energy to focus.
The only thing keeping him up was the strong will to put an end to this.

Jin had problems seeing anything, not just because of the fight with his own body. With luck, Narimiya had problems too and he could still catch him.

The sound of a falling metal piece close by gave him the sign that he had been right.
There was one positive fact in this whole mess, giving Jin an advantage. The drugs made him not think about any risk or fear.

Without the consideration of danger, he jumped forward to the source of noise he had just heard.

Jin‘s hand connected with fabric and a groan followed. Narimiya must‘ve hid himself in a small corner when he had heard Jin following. With a shove, he threw Jin against a thick metal pipe.

The agent didn‘t have the best balance system right now, so the crash made his vision go black for a few seconds.

But Jin couldn‘t feel the pain, not even the warm drops of blood that were dripping down his temples.
He pushed his body back, crushing Narimiya against the wall. Jin quickly turned around, hitting the gun straight across the other‘s face.

“I‘m going to kill you, traitor!“ Jin hissed but Narimiya was too fast for his dizzy mind to react and he was thrown back again, losing his gun somewhere in the darkness.

“You should‘ve stayed with your poor little lover, Akanishi. You‘re too fucked to harm anyone but yourself.“
Narimiya smirked, enthusiasm rising when he saw his chance for payback.

Jin threw his fists at his opponent, fearless behavior making up for the lack of coordination.
It was a messy fight, without technique or sane strategy, just a mere battle for survival.

Jin had lost himself completely in his actions, not even acknowledging his surroundings anymore.
Narimiya wasn‘t as well trained as Jin anymore, his work as Kamenashi‘s assistant had made his last physical fight months ago but his mind was clear so he managed to throw Jin down in the end.

“You‘re so pathetic, Akanishi. You go maniac over a guy you‘re fucking, ending up a junkie and now you‘ll die as a junkie while your gay lover is outside, crying over someone else. They‘ll write on your tombstone, ‘the drugs were his only friend‘.“
Narimiya chuckled, coming closer while Jin robbed backwards.

“Shut up, bastard. You don‘t know anything!“ Jin defended himself, arms helplessly searching for something to defend himself with.
“Betraying your colleagues? Your whole fucking country?! Very wise, dude. You‘re the pathetic one.“

Narimiya clicked his tongue, leaning over Jin and grabbing his collar. “But I‘ll be the successful one while your bones rot under the earth and your flesh gets eaten by worms. None will cry about you. Boohoo, poor idiot.“

Jin smirked up at Narimiya, disgustedly spitting blood into the other‘s face. “Yeah? How successful is ‘that‘?“

With a harsh pull, Jin raised his arms, piercing Narimiya‘s stomach with a metal piece.

Narimiya‘s eyes widened in shock and pain, no words were coming out of his mouth, open for a silent scream.

Jin‘s smirk was almost devilish, blood and sweat smeared all over his face.
It was over, finally over.

The heavy body fell on Jin, burying him under it while warm blood ran over his hands and body.

Jin was panting heavily, black dots dancing in front of his eyes. Trying to stay focused and conscious had cost him too much energy.
Gathering the last of his strength, Jin crawled out from under the lifeless body, swaying on his feet.

Jin used his hands for support on the pipes and wall when he stumbled back to where he had come from.
Jin wanted to go home. He just wanted to lay down with Kame, holding his body close and falling asleep and everything would be good again when he would wake up.

But even in his state, Jin knew nothing would be good when he stepped back into the brighter lit hall.

The agents were gone. The hall was almost empty. BoA stood motionless there, staring at the floor. Meters away Jin saw his boyfriend, head hung low, Ryo laying unmoved in his lap.

Jin‘s heart clenched, his body filled with coldness and time stopped completely.
He didn‘t register anymore how his heavy steps had gotten even slower until he stopped behind his boyfriend.

“Baby?“ Jin didn‘t even know what he was asking or if he just wanted a reaction.

BoA had shot him a frightened expression but nothing seemed to shock her at this moment anymore, not even his messed up, bloody and dopy state.

“..iar!” after at least ten minutes of silent sobbing Kame was finally fighting to get his voice back. Clawing his hands into Ryo’s shirt his voice became louder, “Liar…LIAR! You said you would always be by my side! Watch over me! Be my…friend…all lies…R-ryo…RYO!” He didn’t want to believe that the person in his arm smiling so peacefully wouldn’t wake up anymore. Even though he seemed to be just asleep.

“C-come back…RYO!” Kame’s body was shaking so hard that it almost felt like cramps that were exhausting him in addition to his crying. Slowly he turned around to face Jin with swollen eyes,

“…he w-wont wake u-up…J-jin…h-he can’t hear me anymore…”

Jin felt how tears were shooting in his own eyes. He hadn‘t been as close to Ryo as Kame, by far, but seeing his boyfriend this devastated made him feel helpless and sad.

Jin slowly sunk to his knees, laying his arms around Kame to pull him closer. “Sssh, baby. Come here.“
He didn‘t really know what to do, couldn‘t think rational and couldn‘t come up with a solution so he thought distraction would be the best option.

“L-et me go!” Kame didn’t want to feel comforting arms right now. Ryo would be fine. He WOULD wake up.

“Ryo…RYO!” he started to softly shake the other’s lifeless shoulders. “Wake up! It’s not funny anymore. Come on!” inside he felt like trashing the whole warehouse and blowing it up.

“…please…Uchi is waiting for you…RYO!” he shouted helplessly while more tears found their way onto the cold ground.

Jin felt like his heart was breaking and he couldn‘t watch Kame like this anymore. Unfortunately Jin wasn‘t the most sensitive person at this point so he just pulled Kame back against his chest with more determination.
“Kame. Kame! Stop shaking him. Stop it!“ Jin tried to force Kame‘s face around to make him look at him. He wasn‘t aware that his own exhausted, blood-smeared and bruised face wasn‘t the most assuring think that could calm Kame down either.

“Look at me Kame! Snap out of it!“

BoA winced in the back, close to interfering but she wasn‘t exactly sure what to do either, traces of tears on her own cheeks.

“No…NO!” Kame was hitting his fist against Jin’s chest when his lover held him back. The pain that was piecing through his heart was too much for him to handle. The ruthless truth too heavy to bear.

He kept struggling but his strikes became weaker until he wrapped his arm around Jin’s neck and buried his face in the crook of it. Crying without holding back any longer.
“…ring him back, bring him back Jin. H-how c-can I t-tell Uchi? T-this isn’t fair! I-I should have d-died not him…why…why?!” The sobbing stole his breath when he wet Jin’s shirt.
Feeling that his lover’s heart was still beating filled him with relief but knowing that Ryo’s cold body had been sacrificed for him caused guilt to wash over Kame.

“Don‘t…“ Jin buried his shaking fingers into Kame‘s hair, pressing him even closer as if he wanted to cling onto him for dear life. “Don‘t ever say that again! I don‘t know what I would‘ve done if I would‘ve lost you.“

Jin tried to pull Kame away from Ryo‘s body. They should probably leave, it wouldn‘t do Kame any good to stay.

When Jin pulled him up to his feet Kame had to cling to his boyfriend’s arm to keep his balance. It felt like his whole body wasn’t able to carry his weight. With his sleeves he wiped away the remaining tears and shot Ryo another look.
“W-we can’t just leave him here…let’s take his body with us.”

“I‘ll take care of it.“ BoA‘s faint voice reached them, nodding into Ryo‘s direction. Jin gave her a thankful look and tried to walk as strongly and steady as he could to give Kame strength to do the same.

“It‘s not important now. We have your father. Oguri and Narimiya got what they deserved.“ Jin‘s expression was grim and he welcomed the topic for distraction. Despite the circumstances, he felt satisfied that he managed to get rid of everyone who hurt Kame, now or in the past in one way or another. Kame‘s father, Narimiya, Nakamura and even Oguri. No one would be able to ever lay a hand on his boyfriend.

BoA caught up with them, talking to a few people from her team before she gestured Kame and Jin to go to her car. She would drive them back to the hotel.

Jin gently pushed Kame onto the backseat of the car, following.
Only when he sat down did he become aware of the exhaustion and spinning here and there, starting to feel the first bruises.

All of them were caught in their own thoughts during the car ride. Kame was leaning his head against Jin’s shoulder. The terror was finally over, but for what prize?
“Sorry I never told you All I wanted to say
And now it's too late to hold you '
Cause you've flown away
So far away”


All death threats go to mrs_nogood!
We see you guys at the final epilogue! ;)

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  • Intro: Guess who is having her LJ - Comeback?

    Aloha~! So well, I haven't talked to you guys in AGES! Plus my inbox had like 300 messages... Guess, I've been gone for quite a while,…


    Hi Babies♡ I am so sorry for disappearing again. There are so many messages in my inbox and I just never get around to look at them lately. I am…


    Hi Babies♡ I am so sorry for disappearing again. There are so many messages in my inbox and I just never get around to look at them lately. I am…