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[fic] Just a Job - Chapter 25

Title: Just a job
Author: mrs_nogood  , silverrain184  
Pairings. Akame
Raiting: Nc 21
Genre: Angst, Smut, Romance
Beta: meikimari  
Summary: "I got a name, and I got a number, and I'm coming after you..."

Author note: Here we are collaborating again. After Rescue was well received we felt like starting on a new project now that there are only a few more chapters left for Rescue. We split the characters again so whatever happens to Kame and Ryo, mrs_nogood  is to still to blame and all hate against Jin or Shirota please complain at silverrain184 as always ;P

Good evening dear readers =)
I hope you got your tissue boxes ready because //drumroll// This is not only a very angsty chapter but
also the last one. After this one there is only and epilogue following.
Nevertheless we hope that you'll enjoy reading:

Chapter 25

Baby why me - you are leaving me
I cannot let you go
Don't leave like this - don't leave without saying a word
If you love me - I cannot let you go
Don't leave like this - don't leave without saying a word

#Not even 12 hours later, Jin was pressed against a rusty metal wall inside an old run down factory, that had been out of service for approximately 10 years. The coolness emitting from the steel didn't do much to soothe the thin layer of sweat that was covering his skin. He was nervous, no doubt about that. Not even the gun in his hand could make him feel any better about this. Kame was right behind him, along with Ryo who he hadn't been able to talk out of this as much as he had wanted to. He cursed the fact they were with him but this was Kame's fight as much as it was his.

Sure he would feel safer  if he'd known they were safely waiting outside but both were just too stubborn for him to handle. Kamenashi Senior.
Kamenashi, the man he had been hunting months ago, the man that had brought him this far, his worst enemy but also the man that had given him the most precious person in his life. Jin took a deep breath to gather his thoughts. They were close, so close to finally finishing this and hunting down all their demons but he was also aware that they were outnumbered and he had to rely solely on his skills. Surprise. They had this advantage, Kame's father wasn't expecting them in a place like this, deep in South Korea, more than half a year later without the back-up of Jin's agency.

" A few more steps, around the corner and don't do anything fucking stupid! Stay behind me!" Jin hissed, well aware that there could be guards snooping around any corner. "We'll startle the fuck out of them and get that bastard!" Bust in, run them over with the moment of surprise and - hopefully scare them enough to surrender without BoA's back up forces around the blocks. Jin stilled, tense as hell, as he tried a smile when he gazed at his boyfriend. "Remember, whatever happens, don't let yourself get affected by whatever that man says or does. "Jin thought for a second how ironic it was that the man he had to face should be someone to ask for permission to date his son in normal circumstances. Normal; they had been over it from the beginning.

They had woken up really early that morning and discussed their plan over and over again with BoA before the three of them had headed to the old factory where Kamenashi senior would show up later on.

With a pondering heart but determined to set an end to their living nightmare, Kame was standing close behind Jin with Ryo following right after.

“I won’t listen to him anymore - the scar he left on me is too deep to ever look at him as my father again,” Kame whispered in an icy voice.
Ryo gently patted his friend’s shoulder before his gaze shot up to Jin while a smirk formed on his face.

“Don’t try to show off! You are the agent but I’m the grandson of a Yakuza so you better rely on me when it comes down to it.” Ryo didn’t mean to sound cocky, over the time he had become to like Jin and trusted him. Besides that, he was well aware that Kame would die inside if something happened to the agent so he would prevent that by all means.

Uchi had stayed behind at the hotel after countless arguments and struggling the three men were able to convince the mood maker that they needed him in case their plan would fail so that he could inform the police.

Kame reached out for Jin’s sleeve, sending him a warm smile.
“I can’t wait for this to be over.”

"This will end today. I'll make sure of it," Jin hissed. He looked at Ryo as if he was pondering about what the other had said. Sure, Ryo wasn't useless but in the end, Jin was drilled to only trust himself. They slowly moved forward, the dark hallway leading them around a corner and to a side door, leading them further inside the building. Jin stopped in front of it, listening. He could hear voices from the other side and he tensed with anxious excitement. They were there. Jin put a hand on the door knob, giving Kame and Ryo a last, long look before pulling it to slip inside.

He didn't get far. Half inside, the door got pulled out wide and a group of men aimed their guns at Ryo and Kame. Jin got pulled in and thrown back against the wall when the cold back of a gun hit him straight across the face. He went on his knees with a groan, a harsh kick sent him to the ground and his wrists were twisted immediately." That's the agent. Be careful and secure him!" A deep voice of some gangster sounded around them, "disarm the other two!" Two men out of the group stepped forward to get Kame and Ryo's guns. With horror, Jin had to realize, these guys didn't seem surprised at all, more like they had expected them to be exactly there at that moment.

>>Shit! They knew that we were coming. A trap?!<< Ryo was shielding Kame in Jin’s place when the other was thrown against a cold wall across of them. Five men were surrounding them roughly pulling them back to their feet to search through their clothes for weapons.

“Jin, JIN?!” Kame was struggling with all his mind, trying to break through the wall of men who blocked the way to his lover.
>>How did they know we were coming?<< Kame couldn’t believe it. All their planning and scheming - for nothing?

“My old friends. It’s been a while - nice to see you.” A familiar, cruel voice echoed from the dark corner when Narimiya stepped into the light.

“You…!” With hate-filled eyes Kame glared at his father’s assistant who smirked at them shamelessly.

“Did you miss me Kame - chan?” The secretary chuckled in amusement when he kneeled down in front of the struggling boy to lift up his chin.

“You’ve become even prettier than before. Too bad your father wants you dead.”

Ryo reacted fast and managed to get one hand free to push Narimiya away from Kame.
“Piss off asshole!” he groaned angrily.

Jin struggled in the grip but he was held down too cautiously. Impossible rage built up inside of Jin when he was faced with Narimiya after such a long time. All the hate and murderous thoughts he had for that man came to the surface at once. They were dragged further into the building until, surrounded by armed men, the group came to a halt. "I've waited for so long, you bastard. You won't slip through my fingers another time!" Jin growled at Narimiya, well aware that he wasn't really in a position to threaten the other.Jin discreetly checked his surroundings. He mainly kept his focus on his two companions and the main threat, Narimiya. They had to be prepared for anything.In his mind, Jin played through every possible way out. They had to be fast, disarm a few and run into cover. This mission would get nasty, that much was sure. Jin's only aim right now was to find a way to get Kame safely out of here.

“Where is my dad?! I want to talk to him!!!” Kame yelled at Narimiya who just laughed at Kame’s poor attempt to fight the two men who were holding him down.

“Do you really think you are in any place to make orders pretty boy? You walked right into my trap and all you are going to do today is die.” Narimiya’s evil voice showed no mercy when he sat down on a stone lighting himself a cigarette while his eyes lingered over his captives.

“Though I have to say - we were impressed that you followed us all the way to Korea on top of that united again.” The assistant nodded from Kame to Jin before he continued, “Didn’t that guy break your heart so that you swore to never see him again? Your are weaker than before…”

Ryo boiled under the surface.
“It was you who manipulated them in the first place! And don’t be so sure of yourself - it’s not decided yet who’ll die today!”

Jin looked at Ryo surprised. He hadn‘t expected to get defended by him of all people.

“The only one who‘s going to die here is you,“ Jin‘s hard gaze was back on Narimiya, “with my own hands, I‘ll guarantee you that.“

Jin send a quick look to Kame before he continued. “Your boss, his father will go where he belongs to. He‘ll rot in jail until he dies.“

“Shut up!“ One of the guards that were holding Jin, kicked him.

Jin struggled to fight back, less successful. He managed to kick back but didn‘t get free either.
BoA would at some point come to their aid. They just had to survive until then and hopefully secure Kamenashi and Narimiya.

“STOP IT! You have no right to interfere in our lives anymore! ” Kame’s eyes widened as if he was the one receiving the kicks. Seeing Jin bend forwards in pain resulted in his own intestines turning around inside of him.

Ryo wasn’t fast enough to protect his friend from the straight punch that hit Kame over the face with the dull end of an old beer bottle. Kame’s lip burst open causing a line of blood running over the pale face. Single drops fell from his chin on the floor. Such a deep red.

“…you bastard!” Ryo used more strength, yelling, kicking only to fight his way closer to the shaking figure close to him, “…how dare you lying a FUCKING FINGER ON HIM!!!”

The guard who had used the bottle just smirked. “That’s the only way to shut a bitch up. Punch her until she can’t open her mouth anymore…”

“Don‘t you fucking DARE!“ Jin hissed, ending in an aggressive shout when he saw the small drops of blood on his boyfriend‘s face.
“If you try to touch Kazuya again, I‘ll rip you all into pieces. Part by part, that‘s a promise!“

Narimiya chuckled at the sight, giving Jin the undisturbed pleasure of heaving himself back on his feet.

Jin just rose his fist to blow the living daylights out of the guard‘s face when Narimiya nodded lightly at two other guards to stop the furious agent.

He stumbled back at the impact of the fist, right into the other guard‘s arms who grabbed his hair to rip his head back.

It offered the previous attacker a good amount of unguarded body parts he could freely hit until Jin was on he floor again, groaning.

As if he wasn‘t taking notice of his pain, Jin stubbornly ignored it. “I swear to god, Narimiya, if you let them hit him again, you‘ll beg me on your knees to release you from your pain by just killing you fast!“

Narimiya shook his head, sneering at Jin. “Look at yourself, conceited bastard. Not in such a high and mighty winning position anymore, huh? I‘m so looking forward to taking revenge for all the attitude you gave me in the past.“

Unable to take his eyes of Jin, Kame coughed up some blood but carelessly spit it beside himself and in front of Narimiya’s feet.
“You make me sick. Did my father blew out the last little piece of heart you carried inside of you?” his voice was showing how disgusted he was of the assistant.

Suddenly without a warning heavy footsteps could be heard and the guards including Narimiya fell silent. Kamenashi Senior dressed in a white coat and wearing big, unfitting, sunglasses entered the warehouse.

“What a ruckus in here. Narimiya, how long can it take to get rid of some annoying insects? If you want to torture them than at least use methods that are more joyful to watch.” The old man smirked evilly.

Hate. Was all Kame could feel. In his head he could only hear his own heartbeat while his eyes were trying to stare his father down. Were those raindrops falling on the steel roof? The dull sound of thunder was like the announcement of a war. A war which only one could win.

“Father. Your doing will come to an end today.” There was no sign of any emotions in Kame’s voice when he addressed his father who didn’t even look at his son.

“…What a brat. Stubborn, arrogant and you just can’t get rid of him. Like his mother…”

“Kamenashi. What a pleasure to meet you again,“ Jin spat out sarcastically, eyes on the man he hated the most in his life.

Just keep them occupied until BoA gets it and storms in with back up. Make them lose their focus on the outer security. That‘s what Jin told himself in his mind.

The excitement of getting the man he was glaring at behind bars today, finally after a long time of suffering was raising Jin‘s enthusiasm and made him bold and more confident.

“Hope you don‘t mind changing your fancy coat for a gray prison overall.“ Jin smirked evilly, licking over his broken and swollen lip.

“Tsk, still haven‘t learned when to shut up,“ Narimiya clicked his tongue before he turned to his boss.

“I‘m sorry for the disturbance. Nothing would bring me more pleasure than to torture this scum before getting rid of it.“

Kamenashi Senior sat down on an extra chair guards had carried over for him to seat himself comfortably. Grinning at Jin cockily he gestured with his head into the direction of his ‘son’.

“Say Akanishi. Do you like games? Do you want to play with me a little bit? I love games. Especially when one’s life is on the line for it.” The man chuckled while Ryo grimaced in anger.

“You are a SICK OLD MAN!” he yelled managing to knock out one guard by kicking him right between the legs. Quickly he tried to crawl over to Kame but was hit by an iron bar over the back. Clinching his teeth together he suppressed a scream. The dusty floor didn’t smell like victory for them…yet.

“Oh Nishikido. I almost forgot the boy who was so deeply in love with my son but always got nothing but sex. A pitiful life. Give all your love and get dumped for it in the end. Unlucky guy.” Kamenashi Senior lit himself a cigar while Ryo’s hands formed fists. That filthy mouth - he wanted to shut it with his bare hands. A sting hit Kame’s heart wanting to reach out for his friend’s trembling body but while his hand was feeling for Ryo’s, a guard ruthlessly stepped on it making Kame cry out loudly.

“You and your fucking games,“ Jin hissed annoyed, rolling his eyes. “You can play cards until all eternity with your cell-mates soon. There won‘t be anything else left for you to do.“

Jin crawled closer in the direction of his boyfriend, being smarter this time and stayed down though.

“Just not with your best buddy, Narimiya. I’m gonna finish him. That bastard won‘t see a cell from the inside anymore.“ Jin was still as confident as before, covering the slight worry he had for Kazuya.

“So full of himself.“

A different voice sounded and another person stepped out of the shadows next to Kamenashi Senior.

Jin‘s eyes widened. Now he knew why their arrival hadn‘t been that much of a surprise.

“I gotten curious when I woke up and my subordinates told me what happened, ‘Akanishi Jin‘,” Oguri Shun laid a special note of sarcasm into Jin‘s name to show that the Yabuki-cover was blown.

Jin cringed. Never mind. This wouldn‘t change anything. Sure thing it would‘ve been better if their entering would‘ve been a surprise but they still didn‘t know about BoA.

“YOU!” Kame’s finger was pointing at Oguri Jun who had obviously tipped their asses. Ryo’s eyes were narrowing but he raised himself from the dirt.
“If Jin kills Narimiya, I shall kill the one who’s fault our current situation is.” He groaned dangerously.

Kamenashi Senior smiled at Shun. “Good job boy. Never bite the hand that feeds you. Money and power is everything that matters in this world. You boys don’t understand even though I was so nice and tried to teach you a lesson before.” He clicked his tongue.

‘Jin…I want to crawl to his side…’ Kame thought while his eyes searched for the dark ones of his boyfriend.
Jin looked straight at Kame, trying to convey assurance and strength with it, a silent ‘everything will be fine‘.

For a moment not paying full attention, he came closer to brush over Kame‘s cheek. “You ok?“ Jin asked in a worried whisper.

“J-jin, you got hit so many times - I should ask you that question, stupid!” Kame leaned into the soft touch enjoying every second of the moment since the guards would separate them again.
Quickly he entangled their hands when a guard grabbed his collar to drag him away from Jin.

“Let go asshole!” Headstrong, he winded back and forth while Ryo was acting up to focus the attention of the guards on himself.

“Look at those pathetic three losers. As a man, I feel urged to kill them.” Kamenashi Senior shook his head. Amused with the struggling pack he leaned back in his arm chair and folded his hands.

“Shun, have the pleasure to serve my special friend Jin some of the candy you just received yesterday. I’m sure he’ll be delighted.” The smirk widened when he met Shun’s also smirking gaze.

“He‘ll love it,“ Shun grinned, pulling a pack of pills out of his jacket, stepping into Jin‘s direction.

It took Jin a moment to catch up, main focus still on Kame. His eyes widened in shock when he was sure what this would be about.

“Oh no, don‘t come anywhere near me with this!“
Jin crawled backwards, horror written all over his pale face. The struggles of the past weeks, the hard fight to get over it, those feelings rushed though him at once now.

Jin‘s fleeing was stopped by Narimiya who stepped behind him, getting a hold of him.

“Oh, c‘mon,“ Oguri Shin followed, smirk widening evilly with revenge for the last time when Jin had tricked him. “I heard you love it.“

Shun leaned forward so he was at eye-level with Jin, grabbing his hair to forcefully shove the pills into his mouth.

“Aren‘t you a bitch who‘d do anything to get high? What happened to that?“ Narimiya added, hissing close to his ear.

But Jin wouldn‘t give in. He ripped his head out of Shun‘s grip, punching him to get away. As soon as he was free, Jin spit the pills out.

He was immediately grabbed by other man but Jin kept fighting them, trying to slip out of their grips, sending kicks and punches blindly around him.

“Get away from me you bastards!“

“No! NO!” Kame sent a powerful blow into the guards stomach who was holding him when he realized what the enemy was about to do.
“I’ll kill you if you touch him! Shun! Get the fuck away from Jin!!!” Hateful eyes were glaring at Shun who eyed the furious yet so beautiful boy on the floor.

Licking his lips Shun’s eyes lingered over Kame when he remembered a deal.
Laughing about his own memory he turned back to Jin.

“First I’ll drug your ass and then I’ll fuck your little toy over there. Remember, it was our deal.”

Ryo hadn’t expected the other party to turn their game into such a dirty direction. Using drugs wasn’t only unfair but also an intentional torture for Kame who had no other choice but to watch.

“You cowards…why don’t you put on a man to man fight? Are you scared to get your ass kicked?! Using drugs and threats to get it your way is just pathetic!” he spat at Narimiya whose face overshadowed.

“Watch your tongue or I’ll cut it off!” the assistant countered before nodding into the direction of some guards, “This won’t work, bring me the huge bucket with water we prepared earlier.”

Jin took a few gasping breaths when he had some space since the guards stopped attacking him.

His head was spinning with too many things running through it at once. His mind was constantly running on finding a way out whenever the danger changed.

Jin startled the guards around him when he suddenly jumped up, launching himself at Shun.
“You bastard! You go anywhere close to my boyfriend and you‘re dead meat!“

Jin strangled the shocked Shun until the guards got a hold of him again and pulled him off the other‘s back.

Shun massaged his hurting throat, turning around to Jin to kick him in the abdomen. “I‘m getting angry now, fucker! If you didn‘t learn to obey until now, we‘ll teach you.“

The guards came with the bucket of water. An evil smile crept on Narimiya‘s face. Without another word, he grabbed for Kame‘s hair and pulled his head under water.

Jin‘s eyes widened. “No, No NO! What are you doing?! STOP IT!!!“
Jin was panicking now, trying to run to Kame‘s aid but was held back.

Narimiya didn’t leave Kame any time to react. A moment later, Kame found himself fighting for air under water. His arms were wavering full of panic. Single splashes left trails around the bucket and if it wasn’t for the guards who were holding on tight to it, Kame’s struggling would have maybe knocked it over.

‘Air…can’t breath…’  Kame was feeling how his consciousness would slip away soon.

“You’ll kill him! Stop! STOP!” Ryo was crying out in pain ignoring the feet that were pushing him to the floor.

Narimiya pulled Kame back out. The boy was coughing up water when he inhaled the needed oxygen shaking all over. His wet hair was falling into his face and he felt too weak to move.

“B-bastard…” he breathed in a shaky voice.

“Stop it, please. What are you doing that for?“ Jin was pleading now. His heart was racing and the fear of losing Kame was stronger than anything at that moment.

“Stupid brat, what do you think? Cooperate now or he‘ll get a round, two.“ Narimiya chuckled, grabbing for Kame‘s hair again.

“No, please! Don‘t do that to him.“ Jin‘s voice was weak and his whole body was resisting. He couldn‘t endanger Kame but he couldn‘t give in to those bastards either.

Seeing Jin‘s hesitant behavior, Narimiya shrugged and pulled Kame‘s head over the bucket.

“STOP!“ Jin shouted, Narimiya stilled his movement with Kame‘s head almost touching the water again.

“I‘ll stop fighting.“ Jin‘s voice had become thin again, giving in. Kame‘s well- being was more important to him.

“What a good boy.“ Shun approached Jin again while Narimiya let the half conscious Kame fall to the floor again.
“You‘re so easy to control, Jin.“ Kamenashi‘s assistant smirked triumphantly. part 2 )
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