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[Fanfic] - Chapter 1 part 2: Just give me a reason

"Sounds like fun." Woohyun released a silent laughter before turning his head to the front because the professor had entered. Hoya however was secretly studying the fine feature of the other's face. The beautiful brown eyes, the sharp jawline, the rose lips there was just something about the boy that had captivated Hoya from the first moment he had seen him this morning.

"I'm probably still drunk..." Hoya reasoned his unusual behavior before forcing himself to pay attention to the lecture instead of the perfect collarbones of his seat neighbor.


Hoya and Woohyun followed by Sungjong had barely entered the cafeteria when a fluttering Sungyeol joined them.

"There you are~!" he chirped in a sweet voice. Sweet enough to cause Hoya to fight the urge to vomit on the spot.

"Oh, Woohyun goon?" Sungyeol finally noticed the new face before his finger pointed at
Hoya in disbelieve,
"Out of all people you chose this grumpy face to show you around?"

"YA! Who's at fault for my messed up appearance in the first place!" Hoya spat back before grabbing the laughing Woohyun at the wrist and dragging him away to an empty
"Just ignore him." He groaned.

"I think he is quite the joker!" Woohyun was still smiling widely when he sat down next to Hoya.

Sungjong and Sungyeol were in charge of bringing the food today for the older two, that was an unspoken rule.
Especially if a new face had joined their group. As soon as Sungyeol and Sungjong had sat down Hoya again introduced Woohyun and also shared the decision of him moving into the dorm.

"Seems like you lose your single room, huh?!" Sungyeol teasingly rose an eyebrow but Hoya's hand just brushed it off, "I’ll live."

"I'm Sungyeol by the way" the tall one finally remembered to introduce himself formally and shook Woohyun's hand,
"Please never fear to call me anytime if that boy is being rude towards you." he glanced at Hoya which resulted in another chuckle coming from Woohyun and a warning glare from the insulted person.

"Since we are all the same age, we should drop the formalities, right?" Woohyun pointed out and the other nodded in agreement.

"...Sungjong is two years younger than though. He is just very smart so he enrolled earlier than usual." Sungjong's lips curled up in a sweet smile when Hoya mentioned him,

"I'll just call you Woohyun hyung." he also shook Woohyun's hand.

"Before I forget, where is Myungsoo?" not that Hoya was eager to bring up that topic in front of Sungyeol but he still had to ask the sassy boy something.

"...I have lost sight of my prince after class." Sungyeol whined dramatically but was ignored by everyone.

"We'll probably bump into him at the dorm." Sungjong guessed.
They finished eating their lunch in silence. Sometimes being disturbed by other students who greeted them after not seeing them over the long break.


"Where is all of your luggage Woohyun hyung?" the youngest asked curiously when the four men were casually strolling down the alley which led to their dorm.

"Ah, I asked it to be delivered directly to the dorm tonight." asked man bashfully scratched the back of his head.

"Looks like we got ourselves another prince." Hoya joked and gave Woohyun a gentle slap on the back.
They reached quickly. Hoya was pulling out the key and gentlemanlike opened the door for everyone which earned him a rather disturbed look from Sungyeol and Sungjong who followed after Woohyun.

The dorm contained three bedrooms, a kitchen, a small living room and a small bathroom.
It was considered one of the most luxury goods on campus and Hoya was proud that it was given to them because of their individual talents. In amusement he watched the stunned Woohyun who was stumbling from one room to another with big shiny eyes.

"You like it here?"

"This place is great!" Woohyun immediately answered showing his obvious excitement.
The bathroom door opened and a wet haired Myungsoo who was just dressed in some sweat pants came in sight. Hoya could hear Sungyeol harshly inhaling air next to him and wondered how Myungsoo could bear that guy around him.

"Woohyun is joining our dorm?" he asked in a cool voice.

"Yea and before I forget, the two of us should sit down and discuss which dance moves would support your acting team the best." Hoya pointed out while Myungsoo had passed them to pour himself a cup of water while listening to what the older had to say.

"That makes sense. We shall do that then. Should I make some coffee?" he finished his sentence with a glance at his roommates who appeared slightly tired.

"That sounds lovely babe!" Sungyeol was next to Myungsoo within seconds offering his help. Sungjong just shook his head when Woohyun blinked at him a little bit confused.

"Sungyeol always enters his 'Cinderella' mood around Myungsoo just ignored it. You will
eventually get used to it. Let me show you our room first." Woohyun followed behind Hoya who was quite happy to flee the scene anyways.

Behind the wooden door next to the kitchen laid Hoya's and now also Woohyun's room.
Trying to muffle all of Sungyeol's exciting squeeks Hoya closed the door and lowered himself onto his bed. The exhaustion and lack of sleep kicked in as soon as he felt his body collide with the soft sheets. However, that didn't stop him from observing every move of Woohyun who was examining every meter of his new home.

"I hope you aren't too mad at me for invading your private space." Woohyun finally broke the silence.
"Not really, if it would have been Sungyeol I would suddenly have to share with I'd throw a fit but you seem to be the comfortable to be around type." Hoya assured with an honest grin lying upon his lips. The two men exchanged warm smiles and while they spent more time talking to each other evening was slowly approaching and a knock was reminding them that they weren't the only ones living in this dorm.

"Hoya-hyung, Woohyun-hyung we made dinner, do you want to join us?" Sungjong peeked through the door. Hoya only noticed only now how hungry he actually was, Woohyun also appeared quite surprised when he noticed how much time the two had spent just talking about each other's hobbies. So they both rose to their feet and followed the younger to the big table where Sungyeol and Myungsoo were already seated and waiting for them.

"Should we have some drinks to celebrate Woohyun joining us?" Sungyeol suggested cheerfully after each of them had finished their bowl of kimchi jigae or at least something that had tasted like one. Hoya was quite worried about the ingredients his roommates had used to make that dish.

"Don't use that as an excuse to get Myungsoo drunk!" Hoya hissed into his best friend's ear who blushed when he was obviously caught red handed .

"We should, we also did it when Myungsoo moved in." Sungjong added and Hoya worriedly rose his brows at them.

"Fine, but don't overdo it like last time!" Hoya gave in when eight pairs of big round eyes were waiting for his approval.

One hour later and Hoya regretted to have ever agreed to this welcome drinking party.
Sungyeol was sitting on Myungsoo’s lap totally wasted and continuously whispering into the other’s ear. Hoya was surprised that Myungsoo didn’t seem to feel burdened at all quite the opposite. The usually so reserved man’s gaze had softened. Sungjong had passed out next to him, snoring peacefully. When the younger was about to drool on the table Hoya decided to carry him inside the bedroom. One person less to worry about.
Woohyun seemed to be pretty drunk as well. He kept leaning on Hoya’s shoulder while he
was deep in conversation with Sungyeol about a popular drama both men seemed to be currently watching,

“Oh that actor is sooo handsome I watched like all of his dramas so far!” Sungyeol slurred
waving his hands to underline his statement.

“More handsome than me?” Myungsoo teased and Hoya was at loss of words. Did he miss something during the past weeks?

“There is no one more handsome than you...” the other babbled and swung his arms
around Myungsoo’s neck. Both exchanging lustful gazes.

“...I’m not sure if I want to see what’s following” Hoya grimaced in horror when he watched
his best friend hungrily lick his lips.

“Woohyun, let’s leave them alone and...Woohyun are you asleep?!” the dancer couldn’t believe his eyes when he caught side of the boy next to him. Woohyun had rested his head on Hoya’s shoulder only a second ago and now the boy seemed to be in dreamland already.

“I feel like I’m taking care of a bunch of elementary students today...” Hoya cursed under his breath but then he decided that it was the best option to carry Woohyun into bed rather than watching how Myungsoo and Sungyeol were eating each other up. Carefully he put one arm around Woohyun’s hips and the other under his legs to lift him off the seat. The other was unexpectedly light and it wasn’t a problem to carry him into the room. Before Hoya closed the door behind them he made eye contact with Myungsoo,

“Not that I want to act like your guardian but use protection sir.”

Myungsoo just smirked and formed a peace sign before he somehow stumbled into the
room he shared with Sungyeol.

Hoya sighed after the door had fallen close. Walking over the bed on which he had lowered Woohyun on only a few seconds ago. The vocal was slumbering peacefully. Quietly Hoya pulled the sheets over the other and brushed some strains of hair out of his face.
“...such an innocent expression...” he mumbled and was startled by his own words.
Today had been an eventful day and he blamed Sungyeol and Myungsoo’s for being so lovelydovely around each other for his own strange behavior. After brushing his teeth and jumping into his purple pajama he switched out the light and laid down himself.


So how did you like it? Comments please~

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