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[Fanfic] - Just give me a reason


Title: Just give me a reason
Author: mrs_nogood
Pairings. WooYa (main) MyungYeol (side)
Raiting: NC - 17
Genre: Angst, Smut, Romance
Beta: No one so far, volunteers?
Summary: Just a second we're not broken just bent...
Author note: My newest project in almost 2 years? It isn't beta-ed and I'm not a native speaker, yet I lived in the US for a while so hopefully you still enjoy reading it. Comments are always welcomed and the author loves gifs //hint

"Your nervous face, I can read what you're thinking
Your deep sighs, your laugh that ’s about to shatter
I can feel it, I know
Don't listen to anything, don ’t think about anything
I am going to you right now
Why make things complicated when things are so good?
No matter what anyone says, I don't care!"
We would have never imaged that a day like this would come.
A situation as cruel as this one would occur.
A story as tragic and bittersweet like ours has never been told.
Still, I want to believe that there is light. I want to believe that in the end our paths will cross again.
Say, Woohyun....do you remember how we first met?

Chapter 1

"60 seconds is enough for this story
You have entered my heart"
The annoying sound of his alarm clock pulled Hoya out of his sleep that day. He reluctantly dragged himself out of his way too comfortable bed already missing his warm sheets and soft pillow when his feet collided with the cold floor.
Yawning he stretched his sore body before making his way to the bathroom. A look into the mirror assured him that his hair had been partying all night without him. Groaning he hold his pounding head.
Last nights get together had obviously involved way too much alcohol. Hoya would give his friend Sungyeol hell if the other wouldn't look equally hung over as himself later in class. His friend had an outstanding talent for getting him drunk against his will.

Luckily a glance at the watch approved of a quick shower before university would start. He decided to wear a purple Vneck and a pair of simple jeans today. How much he hated Mondays on campus after the long semester break.

The cold shower had cleared his mind and sharpened his senses. At least he felt somehow alive again when he set foot on campus. The weather was decent not too hot nor too cold, exactly how he liked it.
However, the new semester had started and the campus was overflowing with new students.
Hoya grimpily pushed himself through the loud crowd into the direction of the Performing Arts & Theater department.
A familiar voice stopped him in his steps,

"Hoya, Hoya! My purple friend, wait for me!"
That annoying piece of a friend was the last thing he needed this morning.

"Listen Yeol-ah, I'd keep it low today or I'll make you regret you ever took me out drinking last night!" Hoya hissed obviously dissatisfied with the fact that Sungyeol didn't seem to be the slightest bit hung over.

"I love you too. Here I have some coffee for my favorite dance machine!" Sungyeol ignored Hoya's bad mood which he was already used to anyways.
Smiling widely he pushed the Starbucks cup into his sulking friend's hand and continued walking next to him.

"At least you remembered I prefer black coffee over the sweet stuff you always get...."

Hoya sighed submissively. It was impossible to hold a grudge against that smiley kid anyways.
They took another left turn at the end of the long hallway before they arrived at the auditorium. Before today's lecture would start, their professor had asked them to gather there because he wanted to discuss the new theater piece they would prepare for the end of the year performance.

"Hyuuuung!" Hoya dodged in time while Sungyeol wasn't able to which resulted in a small
boy hanging around his neck happily.

"Morning Sungjong." Hoya mumbled before taking another sip of his coffee.

"Hoya-hyung, good morning. Your face looks quite horrible" the younger boy noted which
earned him a light slap behind the head by Sungyeol,

"Ya! He looks just fine!"

"Don't even go there Sungyeol!" Hoya shot the tall boy a death glare.

"What did you do again?!" Letting go of Sungyeol's neck Sungjong examined him

"Nnothing just - "
Sungyeol tried to explain but was cut of by Hoya who gestured him to be quiet if he treasured his life.

The conversation ended here because more and more people were filling the auditorium.
Most of them were familiar faces who had joined the department to the same time as them, the rest were probably transfer students.

Hoya, Sungyeol and Sungjong were sitting down in the first row as their professor rushed into the auditorium and onto the stage. The whole room fell silent when the older man cleared his voice.

"Did he gain weight again?!" Sungjong whispered into Sungyeol's ear who had a hard time to suppress a chuckle while Hoya just judged them from a side.

"Good morning class. Welcome to the second semester! I'm happy to see many familiar faces who have remained. I'm looking forward to teach and work with all of you again this year." he paused and the auditorium filled with cheers and light applause before the
professor continued,

"For this year’s performance I was thinking of a musical..."

"You are screwed hyung!" Sungjong burst into laughter while Sungyeol pouted at him,

"Shut up Sungjong!"

"We will perform a self written piece of mine, a story about loyalty between friends." In an excited voice their professor explained the main points of the plot earning equally curious and excited sounds from the crowd in return.

"Since all of you have special talents you will be divided in three teams! Acting, Singing and Dancing. Each group will have a team leader and there will be individual practice of each group as well as practice for all three groups together. Everything clear so far?" the professor asked and earned nods in return.

" Alright so I have already chosen the leaders based on your grades from the last semester as well as what I witnessed while teaching you."

"...Sungyeol hyung, you should seriously be worried now..." Sungjong was almost falling of his chair by now while Sungyeol was rather killing the younger with his stares.
Hoya was listening calmly. To the outside he appeared relaxed but inside he was really nervous about the individual leaders and team compilation.

"Now, let's not waste more of our precious time, Team Acting will be led by Kim Myungsoo!" Clapping and a boy with black, short hair and milky white skin stepped onto the stage.

"...oh he is so handsome..." Sungyeol had entangled his hands and was wiggling around on his chair.

"Stop drooling Yeol-ah and close your mouth!You look gross!" Hoya eyed his best friend knowingly.

"Hopeless." Sungjong shrugged and continued stuffing himself with lemon candy.

The professor gave Myungsoo a gentle pat on the shoulder before he gestured him to stand next to him while he would announce the next group leader.

"Next, the dance team will be led by Lee Howon." Hoya flinched when he heard his birth name but tried to ignore it. Pride was swelling in his chest when he walked on stage to stand next to Myungsoo who smiled at him approvingly. Hoya nodded at his professor before the later continued,

"The last team, the singing one is led by a new transfer student. He was the best in his year and I'm proud to teach him this year, Nam Woohyun!"

Curiously Hoya poked his tongue inside of his cheek when a boy with brown hair was rising out of the crowd and strolling over to the stage. He was wearing a white shirt with jeans.

Woohyun carefully climbed up the stairs and bowed down respectfully in front of the professor and other group leaders. When he straightened himself his eyes met Hoya's.
Dark brown eyes were piercing through him and an unknown feeling spread inside of him. Like lightning that had stroke his body the dancer felt electric jolts shooting down his spine. There was something special about this man, something that Hoya couldn’t quite explain with words.

"Even though Myungsoo and Howon aren't transfer students I would like the three of you to introduce yourself again to everyone." the professor asked them in a friendly voice.
Hoya was leaving the first word to Myungsoo who took a step forward,

"Everyone, I'm Kim Myungsoo. I'm looking forward to work together with all of you." Short and sweet as expected. Hoya signaled the
new transfer student to go next. The other gave him a warm smile and took Myungsoo's place.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Nam Woohyun. I hope the singing team will melt many hearts during this years performance!" he laid his head aside while smiling widely.

"...what did he just say? Isn't that a little bit too greasy for a guy to say ? SUNGYEOL! I'm
talking to you!" Sungjong whined when he noticed that Sungyeol was still busy with undressing Myungsoo with his eyes.

Hoya had to cover his mouth to not burst into laughter, what a strange kid. Lastly Hoya joined the leaders at the front,

" I'm the best dancer on campus, Lee Howon. Please call me Hoya. Let's work hard together!" he smirked self confidently while Sungjong rolled his eyes at him.

The professor including the rest students gave them a round of applause before the final arrangement of the individual groups was announced. Sungyeol couldn't believe his luck when he was put into the acting team. Sungjong was joining the singing team. Hoya was eyeing his group doubtingly. Hard work was lying ahead of him.
Afterwards their professor told them to meet individual at least three times a week and twice as whole group. Everyone agreed obediently before it was time to leave for their lectures.

"Howon?" Hoya turned around and met the gaze of his professor, "Could you please take Woohyun along with you? He will visit the same classes but still doesn't quite this way around on campus."

"Sure" Hoya shrugged and walked over to the new transfer student, "Woohyunshhi? Follow me I'll show you to your next class."

Woohyun spun around and gave Hoya another of these intense stares that made him feel like he would lose ground under his feet.

"Thank you Howon, was it?" Woohyun asked curiously.

"Please call me Hoya"

"Hoya then." the other replied warmly and followed Hoya who had started strolling outside the auditorium.

"...so how do you like it here so far?" the awkward silence was finally broken when they sat down next to each other in the lecture room.

"It's nice here. Much bigger than my old campus and you even have a park right next to it." Woohyun's warm smile made Hoya forget the pain in his pounding head completely.
"I'm glad you like it." he answered, swallowing hard.

Sungjong was sitting a few rows in front of them busy chatting with one of his new teammates. Baekhyun was his name if Hoya was recalling it correctly. Sungyeol had a different class from them with Myungsoo. Hoya wasn't quite sure if his friend would be all
right in presence of Myungsoo. The mere thought of Sungyeol getting kicked out of class because of indecent behavior made Hoya sigh worriedly. Suddenly he felt a warm hand on his own,

"Is something wrong?" two deep brown eyes mustered him intensively.
"No," Hoya shook his head, "Just caught up in my own thoughts for a moment." he assured the other.

"This might sound weird...." Woohyun's gaze fell into his lap, "...but since I don't know
anyone besides you and Myungsoo so far, I wanted to ask if there is still room in your dorm for another person?" the way the other boy was fiddling with his own fingers made Hoya release a low chuckle,

"Actually I was going to ask you anyways. One of our roommates had to quit last semester so there is one empty bed it's yours if you want it." Hoya offered friendly. Even if that meant that he had to give up his newly won single room.

"Thank you." Woohyun's angelic smile had returned. He tilted his head aside, "Who else is living in that dorm?"

"Sungjong," Hoya pointed at the younger boy who was still loudly chatting with Baekhyun,

"Sungyeol who is on the acting team I'll introduce you later and Myungsoo also just joined us a few weeks ago." he finished and Woohyun nodded understandingly.

"So Myungsoo is new as well?" Woohyun asked.

"Not on campus, just as a member of our dorm. He used to stay with his band members but I heard they disbanded so Sungjong offered him a place at our dorm." Hoya explained,

"...to the very liking of Sungyeol of course. Horny bastard." the dancer added in his thoughts.

"So your dorm consist out of one vocal, two actors and one dancer now." Woohyun concluded at Hoya answered with an approving groan.
( Part 2 )
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