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[Fanfic] - Just give me a reason - Chapter 2 part 2

Provoked by Hoya’s words the two later man shot forwards both launching their fists at the dancer who had expected that move and easily dodged both strikes with ease. The only thing that was worrying him was Dongwoo who he didn’t hear anymore via their earplug speakers. Quickly Hoya dashed forward and rammed his knee into one of the guy’s stomach causing him to squirm in pain on the floor. Shocked by Hoya’s speed the other man pulled out a knife pointing it at him angrily,

“You’ll regret that!” the man shouted but Hoya just rose an eyebrow, “You have seen nothing yet.” he stated dryly and hold out one arm, gesturing the other to come closer with one finger.

“YOU BASTARD!!!” the attacker exploded and ran towards Hoya who was able to dodge the first move however didn’t expect the third man, the leader how he guessed, to suddenly join in. A fading pain made him gasped when the knife left a cut on his cheek. Then he
could feel how a hot liquid was running down his cheek. There was no time to think, Hoya elbowed the leader behind him to free his arms. The leader stumbled backwards while Hoya was able to unarm the other man. One aimed hit at the attackers neck and he joined
his fellow member on the ground unconscious.
Hoya wiped off the blood off his cheek, eyeing his own blood expressionless.

“You are strong...!”

A deep voice caused Hoya to turn around in a blink. The leader’s chest was rising heavily and Hoya assumed that he had hit the liver earlier with his elbow.

“You should stop messing with the wrong people.” Hoya throw the knife in front of the other’s feet. The enemy laughed at Hoya’s words,

“That’s what I was about to say, even if you take me down, will you still be able to save your

Everything inside Hoya was twisting around and he felt like vomiting at the mere thought that Dongwoo was in great danger. The uncertainty of Dongwoo’s well being turned him into an even crueler beast than before. Like a hungry wolf he launched himself at the other who gasped in shock when he was thrown onto the floor head first. Blood was dripping of the leaders forehead when Hoya crashed later’s head down one more time.

“Wait for me here, if something happened to my friend. I’ll kill you.” the voice of a predator was the last thing the team leader of the enemy remembered before he passed out.
Hoya didn’t lose anymore time with skilled jumps and a few slides he entered the house of the chancellor as éasy as Dongwoo had done it only a few minutes ago,

“Dongwoo? DONGWOO?!” he didn’t even try to keep his voice down. The house looked like a battlefield. Running from one room to another he finally found his friend kneeling on the floor behind him the chancellor and his wife. Fear and Shock was written all over their faces. Dongwoo’s face was bruised but he couldn’t see any cuts or blood anywhere.

“I think that mother fucker broke one of my rips!” his friend cursed and Hoya released a
relieved sigh.

“Thank god, you aren’t hurt badly.” he hissed at the stinging pain when a sweat drop was running inside of his open cut.

“Sweety, I look half as beaten up as you do. Did they whip your ass?” the other joked when Hoya reached out to him pulling his friend back onto his feet.

“I had to deal with three.” Hoya bitched back while Dongwoo hold his hurting side.

“Only dealt with two of them. They almost got to the chancellor before I did. Sorry about your precious furniture lady!” Dongwoo bowed apologetic when he glanced around the room. Then as sudden as they disappeared, the lights went on again.
The chancellor cleared his voice,

“Thank you...without you my wife and I would have died today.” the man gratefully shook their hands.

“That’s our job” Hoya replied worriedly steading his friend who was obviously in pain.

“You should accompany us to the headquarters. It should be safe now but you never know.”

Dongwoo replied and the chancellor and his wife nodded in agreement. With the help of Hoya, Dongwoo limped towards the front door. The loud ringing of the house phone startled all of them. Hoya gestured them to be quiet when he answered the call and an electronic voice resonated out of the receiver.

“Good evening chancellor. Did you enjoy the little show? We are awfully sorry for the damage we caused but we had to test our friends from the special security force. It was nice to see a powerful fight tonight. We’ll be in contact soon.”

The caller had hung up and even the talkative Dongwoo was at loss of words.

“Today was only a game? To test our power?” Hoya was the first to regain his voice and
formed fists.

“Scum...” Dongwoo groaned and punched the wall angrily. The chancellor mustered his two angry savior worriedly. Hoya opened the door and insured himself that no one was lying in wait outside. Nothing. The three men he had fought earlier had also vanished from the streets like ghosts. Only some little red spots on the grey pavement proved that everything hadn’t just been a bad dream.

“Let’s go.” Hoya whispered to the other’s. They carefully walked to the car where back up had already been waiting for them.

“Too late!” Dongwoo hissed at them.

“Sorry, bad traffic!” the other joked but only received furious glares in return.

“We are not in the mood for your bad jokes, Donghae!” Hoya spat at his hyung who immediately regretted his words.

“I’m sorry. We heard everything through the transmitter. Someone was testing us. I’m glad you are still in one piece.” Donghae was leading the chancellor and his wife into an extra car to take them to the headquarters. Hoya was still upholding his friend who had laid an arm around his neck for more support. Sorrow was showing on his face, as usual when he thought that he should have been faster to fight beside his friend.

“I’m fine Hoya. Just some broken ribs, ok? Don’t beat yourself up about it.” Dongwoo gently bumped his fist against Hoya’s shoulder who returned the warm smile of his best friend.

“Time for bed, don’t you agree?” the growing sounds from the city announced the approaching dawn and Hoya needed to be back before the others would wake up. Tonight’s job was just the beginning. The beginning of a war without limits that much he knew but he
wouldn’t lose. Not against such scumbags.
Hoya drove Dongwoo to a hospital only changing into their normal clothes when they were inside the car. Their identity couldn’t be revealed. Never or it meant game over for them.
Another assuring look at Dongwoo later and Hoya hit the gas pedal. It was a little bit after six in the morning when he tip toed into the dorm. Without any sound he removed the red trails of blood from his cheek and crawled under his sheets. From his bed he had the
perfect view on Woohyun who was still engrossed into his dream.
The earlier events flashed in front of his eyes. Tossing around he tried to erase everything on his mind to at least sleep for a little while before he’d be woken up again. Not to mention that he still had to find an excuse for the cut on his cheek.
It was the steady and calm breathing sounds from Woohyun that allowed Hoya to slowly drift off into a deep, dreamless slumber.


“So today’s fighter were their faceless aces. Strong, Fast like lightening who fight everything and everyone that dares to stand up against them. Interesting. We need to erase them first to reach our goal. Today’s test should be remembered. Tell the hacker guys to see me tomorrow. They did a good job today. In order to proceed with our plan they are irreplaceable.
Also doubt everyone. Someone here is leaking information to them. If you find him. Kill him. Now, that I have seen their strength, nothing can stop us.The regiment is almost ours.”
A man with an accent laughed evilly in his living room while another was bowing to him submissively.

~End of Chapter 2~

You didn't see that one coming, huh? How do you like this story so far?

Don't worry there will be a lot of cute WooYa moments during the next chapter, look forward to it ;)




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    Hi Babies♡ I am so sorry for disappearing again. There are so many messages in my inbox and I just never get around to look at them lately. I am…

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