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[Fanfic] - Just give me a reason - Chapter 2


Title: Just give me a reason
Author: mrs_nogood
Pairings. WooYa (main) MyungYeol (side)
Raiting: NC - 17
Genre: Angst, Smut, Romance
Beta: No one so far, volunteers?
Summary: Just a second we're not broken just bent...
Author note: Next chapter for you sweeties! Bet you didn't see this one coming ;)

"The despair that I hear in the darkness
The world that is ridden with fear
I will overthrow everything
This crazy world
I will change it!

At this point, Hoya was used to sneak himself outside of the dorm in the middle of the night without anyone noticing but today it felt harder to leave than before. Instead of an empty room there was another person worriless snoring inside. The mere thought of
Woohyun made Hoya smile.
His daydream ended like a passing summer breeze when a black car honked beside him. Surprised, he jumped backwards before meeting the gaze of his spiteful grinning friend, Dongwoo who sat behind the wheel.

“Wake up Snow White, we are going shopping!” the man with blue hair laughed. Hoya flipped him off but couldn’t help but chuckle when Dongwoo labeled their night duty as ‘shopping’.

“How can you always be in such a good mood? Are you taking some happy rainbow pills or something like that?” the sarcasm in Hoya’s voice was obvious. Quickly he put on his seat belt knowing Dongwoo’s reckless driving skills.

“You’d know how if you’d get laid once in awhile my dear friend.” Dongwoo countered andHoya’s mouth fell open just to be close right away again. Cursing under his breath because he didn’t come upwith a good counter attack.

“So, what is today’s mission exactly about?” Hoya’s face was emotionless when he reached out to the back seat to grab a pair of black pants, a black shirt, mask and hat. Dongwoo’s gaze became more serious as well when he rose his voice,

“Lately, there have been more movements against the president by this one undercover group called 'Mindless' which we talked about before. We made the mistake to underestimate them and now they have grown to a serious threat. They hacked into our system and found weak spots not only against our organisation but also against our current regiment.
Luckily, we planted a spy so we know that they are planning another attack on the family of one of the chancellor. We have to protect them by all means. However, the spy couldn’t give us any details so we don’t know when they will strike tonight. We are taking over the shift until 6am.” the older man finished meanwhile Hoya had completely changed into the blackoutfit. Only his eyes were noticeable.

“Looks like we get a lot of exercise tonight, huh?” Hoya cracked his knuckles and Dongwoo’s evil smile returned.

“Yes sir!”

It’s been almost five years since Hoya had joined the Special Security Unit for the president like his father had before him. Physical training had been rough but his years of experience with dancing had transformed him into the perfect fighter material.
Protecting his friends and family meant to protect the country they were living in. That’s what his father had taught him before he was killed during a secret mission to protect the president’s son. Hoya was aware that his double life wasn’t going to work out forever but
for now he felt like he was fulfilling the legacy his dad had left him.

“You are even quieter than usual today. Is something wrong?”

Dongwoo knew Hoya too well to not realize when something was on his friend’s mind.

“I have a new roommate.” somehow Hoya’s throat felt really dry while he said those words.

“...and? Is he some kind of psychopath who steals your underwear or what?!” Dongwoo chattered in amusement which earned him a harsh slap onto his lap.

“OUCH! Damn it Hoya, I’m trying to drive here without running over all those drunkards!” the older whined which always reminded Hoya of Sungyeol.

“You had it coming! No, he is rather the opposite. He, he somehow fascinates me...” this conversation was more awkward than any other he ever had with Dongwoo. On top of that he could feel Dongwoo mustering gaze lying upon him.

“Eyes on the road Dino head or we won’t even arrive at our destination!” Hoya tried to wittily to change topics.

“Fascinating in a sexual/emotional way?” Labeled Dino Head smirked while turning into an abandoned alley.

“....I’m not like that Dongwoo....”

“How do you know? Have you tried it before?”

“...No, but oh look we arrived!” Hoya had never been so happy before to arrive at one of their working locations. Dongwoo groaned in disappointment but decided that he would try again after they finished tonight’s job. Like Hoya he was dressed completely in black only
adding the mask now to hide the rest of his identity.They had parked the car a block away where they met up with the first team. Both mensaluted to their rather tired looking colleagues,

“Dongwoo. Hoya.” the shorter man with bleached blond hair nodded at them.

“...i’m surprised that you weren’t shot right away with that hairstyle Jonghyun...” Dongwoo
couldn’t help but wonder, while Jonghyun’s partner was holding back a fit of laughter.

“I told him the same thing earlier! Don’t worry he already got scolded by our boss this
morning. Ready for tonights party Hoya?”

Hoya rested his gaze upon the second man, a little taller than Jonghyun and returned his enthusiastic smile,

“ I’m always ready to party Key. Did anything suspicious happen?”

“Nothing so far,” Key’s face overshadowed, “...but I have a feeling that they are close so keep your eyes and ears wide open.”
Hoya and Dongwoo nodded understandably. They watched how a annoyed Jonghyun grabbed Key’s collar and pulled him behind him into another car. They waited until their colleagues were out of sight before they took their own positions.
Nothing happened for about two hours, besides Dongwoo almost falling off the roof because a cat caught him off guard. Hoya was lying on roof of the house right next to the one they were in charge of. It was too quiet. Too peaceful. He was fading in the dark, rather
relying on his ears than on his eyes. Taking in his surrounding he inhaled the night air glimpsing at his partner who was
concentrating on the main entrance.

"All you who close your eyes over money and threats, get out
On the news, everyone’s a public enemy
Psychopaths are crazily flying all over the place
This is a war against crime
I will repay you the exact same way
Tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye, remember those words
There’s no forgiveness in us

Hoya was recalling the lyrics of a song he had listened to the other day. Quite fitting as a job description for his profession.
Suddenly the street lights started to flicker and his attention was pulled down to the street where the small light was slowly fading. His eyes narrowed. Only a second later all lights in the district died. Hacked. They were coming.

Alarmed by the surrounding darkness Dongwoo was climbing through the roof top window inside the house. Everything that was going to happen from now on depended on who was faster and stronger. He trusted Hoya to keep them outside but you never knew were those annoying bugs would dug their holes.
An adrenaline rush shook Hoya’s body like every time when the storm was about to start. All of his senses were sharpening, his muscles were flexing and then he released his inner beast to fight anything that was lying between him and the ones he wanted to protect. The scent of old cigarettes was lying in the air, they were close, he could almost hear them breathe and yet there was no one to be seen. Like phantoms in the night.

It was time to act, Hoya jumped of the roof onto the street that led to the main entrance.

“C’mon guys, play with me~!” he dared the invisible enemy.

“You got some guts, huh?” a shadow was answering.

A broad man faced Hoya. His face hidden as much as Hoya’s beneath a mask. The only thing that was showing were with hatred filled eyes. Protectively Hoya straightened himself signalizing his enemy that there was no coming through.

“Don’t tell me you came alone that’d be pathetic.” the dancer crooked his head aside.

“Do you really think...” a voice to his left rose.

“.....we are that stupid?” another voice from the right rose from the shadows, when two other silhouettes joined the first man slowly closing in on Hoya. However, only a challenging smirk was spreading over Hoya’s face,

“I’m relieved, the game would have ended too early otherwise.”

“We’ll see if you can still talk that bit after your face kissed the cold asphalt.” the first man’s deep voice roared through the night. Unimpressed Hoya took a step forward while pulling up his sleeves,

“Show me what you got and spare me with your speech.” ( part 2 )

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