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[Fic] Just a Job - Chapter 24

Title: Just a job
Author: mrs_nogood  , silverrain184  
Pairings. Akame
Raiting: Nc 21
Genre: Angst, Smut, Romance
Beta: meikimari  
Summary: "I got a name, and I got a number, and I'm coming after you..."

Author note: Here we are collaborating again. After Rescue was well received we felt like starting on a new project now that there are only a few more chapters left for Rescue. We split the characters again so whatever happens to Kame and Ryo, mrs_nogood  is to still to blame and all hate against Jin or Shirota please complain at silverrain184 as always ;P

Here we go...last enjoyable chapter before it gets very angsty so take it as the silence before the storm ;)


Collapse )

One-Shot Wish/Suggestion post


Dear Readers,

silverrain184 and I were thinking about a nice little one-shot to start smutty into the new year.
However, it shall be a present to you, our dear readers, who have been waiting so patiently for
our comeback.

So we want YOUR suggestions for this project. Give us any idea, kink or crazy fantasy that you come up
TPO – Time, Place, Location will be all up to you, also the Genre.
The only condition is: Jin is ALWAYS Seme. (Sorry, we really can’t write UkeJin).

Comments will be screened so you don’t have to feel embarrassed or shy about what you
Wish/ask for from us to write.

In the end we will pick the best ideas, put them together and create a one-short to your satisfaction.

You have one week to comment.
We are really looking forward to this project so we hope to receive your support.

Much love!

ps. The next chapter of 'Just a job' was already sent in to our beta, we'll post it as soon as it
gets back to us ;)

[Fic] Fast & Furious - We going downtown: Chapter 1

Title: Fast & Furious: We going Downtown
Author: [info]akamesuki  , [info]silverrain184  
Pairings. Akame, Minor: Kame/Shun, Jin/several OC's
Raiting: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Smut, Action, Crossover (Fast&Furious)
Beta: [info]meikimari  
Summary: Akanishi Jin enjoys a lifestyle of money and racing fast cars. Despite that, his life isn't easy and everything get's turned upside down when a certain Kamenashi Kazuya joins the picture.

Author note:
For people who were wondering where we disappeared to: We're still 'underground'. We DIDN'T abandon Just a Job, we still have no time for writing.
This fanfic was already written half a year ago and we didn't intent to publish it sometime soon...until we saw Jin's Test Drive Music Video. It was just too fitting, we couldn't resist.
So I hope you take it as soothing for the long wait and enjoy it nevertheless.

Chapter 1 )

Just a job - Notification

Dear precious readers,

a lot of you guys have probably been wondering where the hell we've been and why for god's sake
there isn't any update for over a month by now - the answer is easy:

I'm currently in Japan via a Working Holiday Visa and literally working my ass off day by day while
silverrain184 is doing the exact same thing in germany on a movie production.
We hardly have time to meet online because of our tight schedules and the time difference so we ask for your understanding.

We have no intention to leave the story unfinished it might just take longer than expected/planned to continue/update.

Sorry for making you wait,